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‘Rohit Shetty failed’: Director opens up on Cirkus failure, says ‘films should entertain, not meant to make you think’

Rohit Shetty is known to make likable entertainers that usually don’t receive the best reviews from the critics. Now, on Koffee with Karan, when Rohit was asked if ‘film reviews should be first reviewed by a jury of reviewers’, the director said nodded in agreement and also said that no reviewer has ever said anything kind about his movies.

When Karan asked what the the ‘rudest thing’ he had ever heard from a critic, Rohit said, “They have never spoken good about me, they are always rude to me.” Karan later asked him if ‘films should make you think’, and Rohit candidly replied, “Ghanta. Films are to entertain. Nobody remembers the film or the story after a point.”

Rohit also spoke about the failure of his film Cirkus and said, “Rohit Shetty failed as a director.” Cirkus was his first big flop ever since he started his career in 2003. “Yes, we went wrong and it was a film made in the pandemic. It was made before Sooryavanshi released. Somewhere me, as a director went wrong with that film. And godo it was a small film that I went wrong with, not a big one. Three days later, I was shooting for my web series,” he shared.

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Cirkus starred Ranveer Singh in a double role and after the failure of this film, the actor is now collaborating with Rohit on Singham Again. When asked about an actor who likes to change dialogues during a take, Rohit named Ranveer and said, “Because he has been a copywriter, he has this habit, he comes up with new punches. In comedy, he does that” He also named him as the actor who could have a “meltdown prior to a difficult scene” and said, “When we are shooting an action sequence, for an hour or so, two trainers will come and warm him up.” Rohit also named Ranveer when talking about the “going bonkers at the wrap party.”

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