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M'sia GrabFood Rider Compensates Customer For Damaged Cake, Solemnly Eats Treat Alone

Malaysian GrabFood Rider Refunds Customer In Full For Damaged Cake, Quietly Eats It Alone At Home

Life as a delivery rider is tough. One such GrabFood rider, Muhammad Fadzil Jahari, found himself facing the difficulties of the job head-on when he accidentally smudged a cake during delivery.

The customer demanded a refund, and Mr Muhammad Fadzil obliged, paying full compensation.

He had to borrow his sister’s money to fulfil the payment.

Back home, the rider solemnly ate the cake. Unbeknownst to him, his wife recorded it and posted it on TikTok, where it went viral.

GrabFood rider compensates customer for smudged cake

According to Harian Metro, the incident happened last month.

Mr Muhammad Fadzil had picked up a cake from a shopping mall and proceeded to deliver it to the customer on his motorcycle.

Source: Harian Metro

Upon arrival, however, he noticed that the decoration on the cake appeared to have been smudged during delivery.

Dissatisfied, the customer demanded a refund of RM60 (S$17). Not wanting to prolong the issue, Mr Muhammad Fadzil agreed.

As a father of two himself, he said that he pitied the look on the customer’s son, whom he presumed had been excitedly waiting for the cake.

Additionally, Mr Muhammad Fadzil told Harian Metro that he felt disappointed that he damaged the cake despite riding his motorcycle as carefully as possible.

Filmed solemnly eating cake at home

Although the amount may seem relatively small to some, Mr Muhammad Fadzil had to borrow money from his sister to be able to afford it.

To make things worse, he also found out that they had run out of baby’s milk at home.

Left with an entire unwanted cake that was otherwise in good condition, he decided to bring it home and solemnly ate it while seated on the floor.

Source: @fatinafifahzaid on TikTok

Mr Muhammad Fadzil recalled being deep in thought throughout, reflecting on how difficult it was to make money.

He had a full-time job but also worked as a delivery rider for more income.

Life in the food delivery business was tough and he almost gave up at one point. But despite the challenges, he persevered to support his family in the current economic situation.

Unbeknownst to him, his wife Fatin Afifah Zaid filmed him quietly eating the cake and posted the video on TikTok.

In the text overlay, she described the situation and how she felt bad for her husband.

However, she optimistically noted that they got to eat a cake in exchange for their misfortune with money and was willing to be patient in spite of their circumstances.

Grabfood rider receives overwhelming support over cake incident

What neither husband nor wife seemed to expect was the outpouring of sympathy and support they got thanks to the video.

One commenter said that ordering food from Grab comes with certain risks and that if they were the customer, they would just accept the cake.

The OP replied that her husband is a soft-hearted person and would feel bad easily. Thus, he agreed to the refund request.

Source: TikTok

Another user claiming to be a former Grab customer service worker explained that for fragile orders, the customer can contact customer service.

They would then allocate the delivery to a car instead of a bumpier motorcycle ride.

The OP thanked them for the information, hoping that her husband could learn from the comments.

Source: TikTok

Even the official Grab Malaysia TikTok page spoke up, asking for Mr Muhammad Fadzil’s details so they could help him.

Source: TikTok

Hopefully, this means that he may get compensated in return.

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Featured image adapted from Harian Metro and @fatinafifahzaid on TikTok.

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