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X/Twitter back in action after 1-hour long global outage

Microblogging site X (formerly known as Twitter) is back online after a major technical snag around 11 am today. Both the website and the mobile application showed ‘Welcome to your timeline’ instead of the regular tweets on the feed for users around the world.

X/Twitter down Instead of tweets, X is showing Welcome to your timeline message (Express Photo)

Outage tracker site Downdetector saw over 70,000 reports of not being able to use the platform. And, at this moment, there is no information on what has caused this issue. However, some users also reported that they were able to see ads and their own tweets on their profiles.

Twitter X/Twitter is down for as many as 70,000 users according to Downdetector (Express Photo)

Following the outage, several users flocked to Facebook to share their concerns. “Please who uses X/twitter, seems the app is not working or someone should help me confirm,” wrote a user Samuel Oseremen Imoisili. “My and my fellow twitter users retaining (returning) to Facebook. Since our app is down,” wrote Tony Thee Goon, another Facebook user who also shared a meme.

Interestingly, Spaces – a feature in the app that allows users to live stream discussions – was unaffected by the downtime and saw hundreds of users flocking to those to figure out what’s up. Word on Spaces is that Elon Musk has once again fallen behind on bills to keep crucial infrastructure running smoothly, but those are just rumours at this point.

twitter down spaces Users flock to Spaces. (Express image)

Adding to the hokum is the fact that the hashtag ‘TwitterDown’ was trending on despite the outage.

Festive offerTwitter down Twitter down is trending on X/Twitter (Express Photo)

This is not the first time that X went down this year. The Elon Musk-owned platform has faced downtime in March and July this year. In July, Downdetector reported that X was down over 13,000 times in the US and the UK. Users shared that they say the message, “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.”

Similarly, on March 6, the platform went down for a few hours. Several users complained that they were unable to use it normally or experienced problems while trying to access links, images, and videos. Thousands were affected by this outage, and many people in some regions reported the website was slower than usual.

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