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Comedian Mayiduo Bungee Jumps Upon Hitting Shopee 9.9 Sales Target, Completes Challenge Despite Fears

Portly Comedian Bungee Jumps As Promised After Raking In S$102K In Sales For Shopee

While bungee jumping is a thrill for adrenaline junkies, it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

For Mayiduo (马一朵), known as an “Ah Beng” content creator and comedian, it surely wasn’t his thing.

But he did it anyway, as he promised to do it if he hit his sales target during a Shopee livestream.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

Eventually, he gamely completed the challenge despite his fears.

Comedian hosts live stream for Shopee

Mayiduo, also known as Kelvin Tan, was engaged by Shopee for the 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

He appeared alongside influencer Xiaxue in Shopee’s advertisement recently, dressed in the brand’s iconic orange.

Source: Shopee Singapore on YouTube

He also hosted a live stream for the e-commerce site, where he hawked items during the promotion.

Comedian bungee jumps after raking in S$102K

During the more than two-hour-long livestream, Mayiduo told shoppers he had a sales target of S$99,000.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

If he hit the target, he vowed to go bungee jumping.

Perhaps because of this, he ended up exceeding the target, raking in S$102,000 worth of sales.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

He thus told viewers that he would honour his promise and go bungee jumping on Saturday (9 Sep) evening at SkyPark by AJ Hackett in Sentosa.

When viewers expressed concern for him, he said he trusted that he would be alright despite being a self-professed “pui kia” (fat guy) who weighed 108kg.

He admits that it’s ‘a little scary’

On that fateful day, Mayiduo laughed nervously and said the jump looked a little scary.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

He also attempted to reassure other jumpers despite not having jumped himself yet, perhaps to comfort himself.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

While gazing out at the empty void that he was about to leap into, he could’ve had a tinge of regret at agreeing to the deed.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

Comedian bungee jumps despite his fears

However, he literally took the plunge anyway, even deciding to livestream his jump for posterity.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

According to STOMP, he said before jumping, “I love my mum. I love my kid. I a bit regret.”

Despite his misgivings, he gamely took a leap into the unknown after counting down from five and shouting the Shopee 9.9 slogan.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

Screaming, cursing and swearing as he went down, he also sang Shopee’s Super Shopping Day jingle.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

Though he ostensibly survived the descent, he vowed in Mandarin not to do such things again in future.

Source: Shopee on Facebook

A man’s word is his honour

As the saying goes, a man’s word is his honour.

So kudos to Mayiduo for keeping his word and doing the bungee jump despite his size and obvious jitters.

Thankfully, he lived to see his loved ones again, and perhaps make more questionable promises on Shopee.

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Featured image adapted from Shopee on Facebook.

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