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Full list: UNDEF grants to civil society organisations with affiliation to OSF

From 2015-2021, 70 UNDEF grants to CSOs with affiliation to OSF, its regional organisations, other Soros offshoots, partners and beneficiaries –

UNDEF 2015: 3 of 44

Gambia Press UnionPartners include PANOS Southern Africa, which receives funding from OSISA, Media Foundation of West Africa, whose donors include OSIWA and Open Society Foundations$ 220,000Enhancing Media-Government Relations to Improve Legal Environment for Freedom of Expression in Gambia (project duration – April 2017-2019)Read | In New Delhi, George Soros is old, dangerous and on a watchlist — at UN, he isn’t a problemActive AssociationLists Avocats san Frontieres as partner, ASF is funded by OSF$ 242,000Building Public Participation, Trust and Transparency in Local Government in Tunisia (April 2017-September 2018)The Rory Peck TrustOSF is a donor$ 132,000Supporting Ukrainian Independent Journalism by Building Freelance Journalists’ Resilience and Ability to Work Safely (December 2016-November 2018)

2016: 6 out of 43

Search for Common GroundLists Open Society Initiative as partner$242,000Promoting Democracy through the Establishment of a Permanent, Participatory, Inclusive and Collaborative Citizen Dialogue in Central African Republic (June 2018-May 2020)Transparency International UKFunded by OSF$ 187,000Strengthening CSO Engagement with Defence Institutions to Reduce Corruption and Strengthen Accountability in Mali(August 2017-September 2018)ABAAD Resource Centre for Gender EqualityOSF is a donor$220,000Mobilizing Communities for Fair Sexual-Violence Legislation in Lebanon(Jan 2018-July 2019)Fundación Mi SangreOSF is a donor$198,000Youth to Youth – Building Peace and Democracy in Colombia (June 2018-Jan 2020)Advocacy and Policy InstituteOSF is listed as partner$165,000Enhancing Local Democratic Governance in Cambodia (May 2018-February 2020)Union of Informed CitizensOSF listed as donor$121,000Enabling Watchdog Journalism in Armenia (April 2018-March 2020)

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2017: 15 out of 48

Inform ActionOSF listed as donor$198,000Enhancing Civic Space Through Community Organizing in Kenya (Jan 2019-Dec 2020)Triangle FoundationOSF listed as donor$154,000Strengthening Democracy Through LGBT Participation in South Africa (December 2018-November 2020)Centre for Applied Legal Researchlists Open Society Initiative of South Africa as partner$ 198,000Promoting Citizen Participation in Constitutional Discourse in Zimbabwe (Jan 2019-Dec 2020)Kofi Annan FoundationOSF is listed as a donor$275,000Strengthening Electoral Processes with Integrity in Sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Cote D’Ivoire and Cameroon (January 2019-December 2020)The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa NetworkOSF listed as a donor$198,000Engaging Marginalised Women in Elections in Sudan (January 2019-December 2020)International Bridge to JusticeOSI Assistance Foundation, Tajikistan, is listed as partner$187,000Ensuring the right to legal representation in Cambodia (Jan 2019 – December 2019)Jamaicans for JusticeOSF listed as donor$176,000Mainstreaming Justice: Redress for Marginalized Groups and Establishing National Human Rights Indicators in Jamaica (April 2019-March 2021)Women’s Justice InitiativeNamati, listed by WJI as donor, lists OSF as a supporter$187,000Improving Maya women’s access to justice in Rural Guatemala (Jan 2019-Jan 2021)Somaliland National Youth OrganisationMercy Corps, listed by SONYO as a donor, is listed by OSF as a grantee in 2017 and 2021$198,000Enhancing youth participation and the rule of law in Somaliland (January 2019-Dece 2020)ASSOCIATION RADIO ROZANAReceived funding from OSF in 2016$132,000Amplifying the Voices of Syrian Women and Girls Through Media (February 2019-Jan 2021)Journalists’ Association of Bhutanlists Bhutan Civil Society Network among its partners. BCSN partners with International Idea, which is an OSF partner$ 154,000Empowering Rural Communities in Bhutan through Mass Media (November 2018 -October 2020)Indonesian legal Aid Association for Womenmember of the Namati network, supported by OSF$176,000Creating an Inclusive Policy and Legal System, Protecting Elderly People’s Fundamental Rights in Indonesia (April 2019-Sept 2020)Community Media AssociationLists The Soros Foundation, Kyrgyzstan as partner$165,000Advancing Gender Justice with Community Broadcasters in Kyrgyzstan (Jan 2019 -Dec 2020)People’s Action for Free and Fair ElectionOSF is a donor$165,000Toward a Credible General Election in 2020 Sri Lanka (April 2019-March 2021)International Service for Human RightsOSF is a funder$154,000Promoting Protection for Human Rights Defenders in South Asia

2018: 12 out of 46 grants

Justice Pour Tousmember of Namati network, supported by OSF and OSISA$220,000Strengthening Mining Tax Systems for Development in Democratic Republic of the Congo (Nov 2020-Oct 2022)Women and Law in Southern Africa- EswatiniOSISA is listed as a “key stakeholder”$198,000Enhancing Women’s Political Participation in Eswatini (June 2020-May 2022)Associação Gender Links MoçambiqueInternational Ideas, an OSF partner, is listed as a sponsor$198,000Raising the Social and Political Profile of Youth in Mozambique (Nov 2020-October 2020)Women’s Coalition of ZimbabweOSISA is listed as partner$198,000Enhancing Women’s Participation in Electoral Processes in ZimbabweARIJ Internationalreceived funds from OSF in 2016, 2019, 2020$220,000Strengthening Independent Media in Jordan (August 2020- July 2022)Justice Center for Legal AidOSF’s Justice Initiative listed as donor$242,000Strengthening rule of law through Access to Justice in Jordan (July 2020-June 2022)KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitationreceived funds from OSF is 2017 and 2020$198,000Promoting Gender-Sensitive Personal Status Laws in LebanonNatural Resource Governance InstituteOSF listed as “donor partner”$242,000Promoting Democratic Consolidation through Inclusive Natural Resource Governance Reform in TunisiaCairo Institute for Human RightsOSF is a donor$275,000Empowering a New Generation of Human Rights Advocates in the Arab Region (May 2020-April 2022)Penal Reform International office, Central AsiaOSF is a donor$275,000Strengthening the Rule of Law in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UzbekistanInstitute for Development and Human RightsOSF is a donor$ 176,000Strengthening human rights in Brazil (June 2020-May 2022)Environment People LawOpen Society Institute is listed as a donor$220,000Strengthening environmental democracy in Ukraine (April 2020-March 2022)

2019: 11 out of 32

Kofi Annan FoundationOSF is a donor$ 220,000

Securing the Digital Environment for the 2022 Election in Kenya (April 2021-May 2023)

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2020: 10 of 30

Gender Center for Empowering DevelopmentOpen Society Initiative of West Africa is listed as a partner$ 176,000Enhancing Young Women’s Participation in Political Parties of Ghana (March 2022-Feb 2024)Institute of Research and Dialogue for PeaceReceives funding from OSF and from Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies, Nairobi, which is funded by Open Society Initiative of East Africa$220,000Promoting Youth Engagement with Policy-makers Through Performing Arts in Rwanda (April 2022-March 2024)Muloma Women’s Development AssociationOSIWA is listed as a donor$242,000Enhancing Civil Society Organizations’ Capacity for Inclusive Governance and Development in Sierra Leone (March 2022-Feb 2024)ABAAD Resource Center for Gender EqualityOSF is a donor$495,000Enhancing Civil Society Organizations’ Capacity for Inclusive Governance and Development in Sierra Leone (April 2022-March 2026)Centre for Peace and Justice StudiesMember of Namati Network$220,000Strengthening Civil Society Capacity to Reclaim Civic Space in Transition of Sudan (April 2022 to June 2024)IBSARIBSAR partner Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research lists OSF as a partner$220,000Observatory 29/30 on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Tunisia (April 2022-March 2024)Natural Resource Governance InstituteOSF listed as partner$495,000Promoting Democratic Space for Marginalized Communities Tataouine oil-producing area of Tunisia (March 2022-Feb 2026)Bandhu Social Welfare SocietyIDRC, a donor, lists Soros Economic Fund as a partner$ 220,000Building Access to Justice and Legal Support for Gender-Diverse Population of Bangladesh (January 2022-Jan 2024)Youth Association for DevelopmentCIVICUS, which gets grants from OSF, is a donor$220,000For Women’s Participation in Elections, Politics, Leadership, Democracy in Pakistan (January 2022-December 2023)Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional NetworkKosovo Foundation for Open Society, Open Society Foundation Serbia and OSF Bosnia Herzogovina are listed as donors$ 264,000Mapping Digital Rights Violations and Fighting Disinformation in Central Europe Region (July 2022 -June 2024)

2021: 11 out of 33

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