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Not tea or coffee, start your day with saffron water (on an empty stomach); here’s why

Every now and then, social media introduces us to new trends and tricks. While some of them can prove to be extremely beneficial, others need to be taken with a pinch of salt. As such, when we spotted an Instagram page Posh.Ayurveda sharing the benefits of drinking kesar water on an empty stomach every morning, we were intrigued. More so, because the page added that since saffron contains certain essential minerals that are extremely helpful for women in their reproductive age groups, the page’s admin also had saffron water (on an empty stomach) every morning.

“So, I decided to add it to warm water and have it first thing on an empty stomach in the morning. This is what happened to me during and post-drinking saffron water,” the post read.

Glowing skin: Drinking saffron water brought that healthy, red glow to my skin which didn’t exist before.

Worked better than caffeine: For caffeine addicts who need their chai or coffee first thing in the morning, you might want to give this a try. Starting my day with saffron water actually helped me. Just one or two cups (refill) in the morning is any day a healthier option.

Hair quality improved: Hair fall is a huge issue during these months, when the weather is changing. Even worse if you have recently coloured your hair. Within 10 days, I found that my hair fall had decreased and my hair had become a teeny bit better, texture wise.

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Heavy periods: I usually get short and painful periods. But when I drank saffron water, somehow the intensity of cramps was less. Pro tip: if you already get heavy periods, ditch saffron water for that time frame, mentioned the post.

“The information given above is my personal experience, give it a try,” the post read, while also sharing the recipe for making saffron water.

How to make saffron-infused water?

saffron water Have you ever tried saffron water? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


To make 1 glass (250ml) of saffron water

5-6 strands – Saffron1 inch – Cinnamon2 – Cardamoms4-5 – AlmondsHoney, as per your taste


*Boil cinnamon, saffron, and cardamom in water for five minutes on a low flame.*Strain and let it sit for 3-4 minutes to cool down a little because honey in hot water is toxic.*Add honey and almonds and drink.

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Agreeing that saffron is a preferred “input” for our bodies owing to it being a source of essential minerals, specially for skin and hair, Dr Shuchin Bajaj, founder director, Ujala Cygnus group of Hospitals shared that when had on an empty stomach, the absorption is optimum.

Further, Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, nutritionist and diabetes educator, and the founder of The Health Pantry, called the expensive spice an “integral part of Indian kitchens for generations”. “Apart from being a beloved ingredient for its aroma, saffron has also been a regular feature in Ayurvedic health remedies. Saffron is one of those rare ingredients that is beneficial for internal health as well as for vanity. Saffron water (i.e. water infused with saffron for 8-10 hours) is excellent for glowing, acne-free skin. It also boosts fat loss in the body. Saffron is anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, antioxidant-rich and improves PMS symptoms and helps regularise periods in women with PCOS,” she told

According to Tibrewala, when consumed with ghee or milk, saffron helps reduce insulin resistance and blood pressure as well. “But what makes it truly unique is its impact on mental health. It improves overall brain function. It also works as a powerful anti-depressant. Studies have shown a significant improvement in the need for anti-anxiety pills after eight weeks of daily saffron consumption,” she said.

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The study she referred to is a 2020-study published in Frontiers in Nutrition journal that noted that beneficial effect of saffron on heart rate variability in response to a psychosocial stressor — shown for the very first time in the present study — suggests that this natural extract may be particularly relevant for increasing resilience against the development of stress-related psychiatric disorders. Further research is needed to identify the exact mechanisms underpinning these effects in humans, it read.

Tibrewala said that daily consumption of water infused with 2-3 saffron threads overnight is good for overall health. “This should be consumed for 6-8 weeks to evaluate it’s real impact on your health,” she added.

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