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Foods to eat and avoid a day before Karwa Chauth (and what you must include in your sargi thali)

Karwa Chauth is a traditional Hindu festival that is celebrated with immense joy and fervour, especially in the Northern part of India. On this day, women fast without consuming any food or water, from sunrise to moonrise, for their husband’s longevity and safety. On Karwa Chauth, which is observed during Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in the Hindu month of Kartik, women wake up before dawn and take a bath, after which they eat a platter called sargi, made by their mother-in-law, which comprises foods that are energy-sustaining and nutritious.

“This fast is a great way for annual detoxification for the body. More than just its religious benefits, it has health benefits and will reset your system and allow cleansing,” Dr Juhi Kapoor, a nutritionist, wrote on Instagram.

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But instead of shocking the body by not eating for an entire day, experts recommend preparing it by eating (and avoiding certain foods). But how can you do that? “A day before fast, avoid spicy, deep-fried, and unhealthy snacks. Eat healthy carbs and stay hydrated to sustain the fast smoothly,” the expert said, further sharing the foods one should and not consume before the fast.

*Load up on fruits and vegetables as they help boost potassium levels before fasting.

*Eat healthy carbs like hand pound rice, sweet potato, and jaggery. This will ensure you are full of energy before your fast.

*Drinking coconut water will help in keeping electrolyte balance intact, and keep you active and fresh on Karwa Chauth.

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*Avoid tea and coffee a day before as they are diuretic in nature and thus can dehydrate the body before nirjal vrat.

*Avoid spicy and deep-fried foods because they will leave you thirsty besides making you feeling bloated and heavy.

But, it is equally important that the sargi is power-packed with foods that will help keep women feeling energetic during the day. In another post, the expert shared how to a “make Satvic Sargi.”

“Some may believe that Karva Chauth is just a day’s fast (15 hours ) without food and water. So, why does one need to prepare so much for just a small fast? But, not everyone is accustomed to fasting. And in order to enjoy the festival, one should follow the rituals and practices in the best way possible. Traditionally, mother-in-laws make sargi for their daughter-in-laws, who consume it to sustain the fast with ease,” she captioned her post.

For satvic sargi, you need seven things in your thali

Grain: Wheat/rice/millet – you can take in form of roti, dalia, upma, poha, wheat semiyan, or even oats if you like

Pulses: Dal/Legumes – you can take in form of dal parantha, besan chilla, sattu ladoo, and various other preparations

Vegetable: Eat in form of vegetable parantha, or prepare as a sabzi, or even salad

Fruit: Any seasonal fruit, preferably banana or papaya, and pomegranate. “Make sure you eat fruit first and then keep a gap of 20-30 minutes before you consume the rest of the ingredients in your thali,” said Kapoor.

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Nuts and dry fruits: Cashews, raisins, coconut, walnuts or any such items you like

Dairy: Curd, buttermilk, lassi, milkshake, or khoya sweet

Jaggery/Misri: Such sweets will keep the cravings away. This will also ensure you are full of energy during the fast.

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