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Polish Woman Speaks Singlish & Praises Ice Cream Bread, Hailed As One Of Us

Polish Woman Wins Singaporeans Over With Her Singlish On TikTok

The Singapore community is made up of a large tapestry of people from various races and nationalities. Whenever we encounter Caucasians, we typically expect to hear an ang moh accent.

So when Singaporeans came across the TikTok videos of a woman who goes by Mamiko spewing accurate Singlish, they were clearly impressed.

Mamiko then shows how her English has changed over the course of a year.

It concludes with her saying “one year in Singapore. Aiya I tell you ah, the bak kut teh very shiok, I gain weight only la“.

Explains differences in Singlish and Polish

Mamiko then follows with a series of videos showcasing the differences between what words can mean in Poland and in Singapore.

The 1st of the series explained how “lampa” means lamp in Polish. However, in Singapore, it means “balls” in the Hokkien dialect.

Polish woman singlishPolish woman singlishSource

In another video, she explains that tkanina means fabric in Polish but in Singapore, that same pronunciation sounds like ‘f*ck your mum’ in Hokkien.

Both videos end with her saying “walao eh”.

Bak kut teh is her favourite food here

Besides her on-point Singlish, Mamiko also shares herself enjoying some local food.

This TikTok video shows her ordering ice cream with bread from an old-school ice cream cart along Orchard Road.

In the video, she skillfully describes each component of her meal in Hokkien and Mandarin, from the mee sua to you zha kway, bai kut, and lu dan.

She then hums in enjoyment as she takes a bite, saying it’s “sibei shiok“.

TikTokers impressed by her Singlish

TikTokers were clearly impressed with her Singaporean accent, some commenting that Mamiko had won them over with her “sibei shiok“.


Many others also shared the sentiment that she sounds like a true Singaporean now.

Polish woman singlishPolish woman singlishSource

This netizen even tried to test her, asking if she has tried bak chor mee. Mamiko effortlessly passed the test, saying of course she has tried it.


Although she moved here almost a year ago, she’s travelled regularly to Singapore before settling down here and is familiar with our food, calling it top notch.

Glad she’s acclimatising well to Singapore

Mamiko is actually the girlfriend of Singaporean beatboxer, Dharni Ng, who relocated to Poland to pursue his career. He appears to be back in Singapore now.

We’re glad she’s acclimatising well to life in Singapore and seems to be enjoying all the delicacies our island city has to offer.

Hearing her effortlessly spew out Singlish terms is certainly entertaining but it’s also a testament to how diverse Singapore is.

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Featured image adapted from Mamiko on TikTok.

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