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With perimenopause approaching, Sameera Reddy is showing love to her body with Iyengar Yoga

Perimenopause is a crucial phase in a woman’s life as it marks the beginning of the transition to menopause. As such, it requires an increased focus on maintaining overall health and well-being. Believing in the same, Sameera Reddy is now giving some extra love to her body.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “This is my way of giving love to my body. My thank you to the body that supports me through my day. Pre-menopause is round the corner and the only way to manage this excruciating phase is PRESERVATION!”

She shared that body positivity is not just about accepting yourself but also about self-preservation. “It’s respecting the only vehicle you have,” the actor-influencer added.

Sameera further wrote that she decided in 2023 to energise all her internal body systems, organs, and hormones. But, how is she doing it? With Iyengar Yoga! “This is the most intense I have gone lately,” she mentioned.

Alongside, Sameera also posted pictures of herself performing half Halasana on a chair, Sarvangasana on a chair, and Karna Pidasana. She shared the following benefits of these asanas:

*Alleviate postural/structural problems*Release emotional tension*Increase focus and concentration*Increase your energy*Reconnect with your body and breath*Bring intelligence and clarity to all parts of the body and mind*Improve physical and psychological health*Help the endocrine system function effectively

Dr Narendra Shetty, Chief Wellness Officer, Kshemavana emphasised that for many women going through perimenopause, life can be difficult. “Hot flashes, mood swings, hormonal changes, and sleep issues are just a few of the typical symptoms people go through during this time in their lives. While there isn’t a single pre-menopause management strategy that works for everyone, adding Iyengar yoga into your practice can be a potent and healthy method to reduce these symptoms and enhance general well-being,” he shared.

Detailing what it is, Dr Shetty shared that created by BKS Iyengar, it is a kind of Hatha Yoga. “Its emphasis on accuracy, alignment, and prop use distinguishes it from other yoga practices. With careful attention to body alignment and breath regulation, Iyengar yoga is a practice that emphasises maintaining postures for long periods of time. Since this approach enables a thorough investigation of each position, practitioners of all levels may use it and benefit from it.”

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He shared how Iyengar Yoga can be beneficial in managing perimenopause:

Hormone Regulation: Hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause can cause mood swings, impatience, and anxiety. Diverse postures and breathing methods used in Iyengar yoga can assist in regulating hormones and lessen these symptoms.

Stress Reduction: Stress is a frequent premenopausal companion and can make symptoms like hot flashes and sleep difficulties worse. By utilising props and supported positions, Iyengar yoga encourages relaxation and helps the body and mind relax.

Muscle Strength and Flexibility: Women’s muscular mass and bone density tend to decline with age. Iyengar yoga aims to increase strength and flexibility in order to combat these consequences.

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Improved Circulation: Premenopausal women frequently have pain and circulation problems. Through positions like Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) and Halasana (Plough Pose), Iyengar yoga promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body.

Mental Clarity: Iyengar yoga’s meditation practice can improve focus and mental acuity, which has specific benefits for premenopausal women.

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