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Beat constipation with these 3 simple yoga mudras

Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems that affects people of almost all age groups. More and more individuals globally are facing this ailment due to the increase in stress, dehydration and sedentary lifestyles. If you are having a hard time passing bowel movements, you may be suffering from constipation.

While dietary modifications can be helpful to treat constipation, physical activity is as essential to overcome the ailment. Among these is yoga, which improves bowel movements and encourages the digestive tract to pass stool or gas.

As such, Anshuka Parwani, a celebrity yoga trainer demonstrated yoga poses, which can help manage constipation. “Do you often suffer from constipation and bloating? Constipation can often lead to bloating and trapped gas in the body. Movement and especially yoga can help to manage digestive health,” she shared.

Further, the yoga expert noted that certain yoga mudras can help you deal with these issues. “They are hand gestures that are considered to be very useful as they activate the downward movement of energy in the body. They help to detoxify the body by promoting the elimination of toxins and help with digestive issues,” she informed.

Here are some yoga mudras you can practice to beat constipation:

Vayu Mudra

yoga mudras Movement and especially yoga can help to manage digestive health. (Source: Freepik)

In Sanskrit language, Vayu means air and mudra means gesture. “According to Ayurveda, the air element is linked to the Vata dosha in our body. Thus, Vayu mudra is a yoga hand gesture known to equalise the air element in the body. By practicing Vayu mudra, we can balance the ups and downs of the air element in our body, thereby relieving gastric issues such as flatulence, indigestion and acid reflux,” explained Jiggyasa Gupta, a nutrition and fitness coach, FITTR.

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Steps:*Fold your index finger to touch the base of the thumb.*Place your thumb on your index finger.*Start with 30 seconds and then build up to 3 minutes.

Apana Mudra

Gupta said that Apana is a subtype of Vata located in the lower part of the body and mudra means gesture or pose. “Apana mudra is also called as purification mudra. This mudra helps to detoxify and purify the body, while balancing the elements of fire, space and earth within. In other words, it increases the Vata and kapha doshas while helping to decrease pitta, thereby helping to balance all three doshas in the body,” she added.

Steps:*Join the ring and middle finger and touch them to the thumb.*Keep the little and index fingers straight.*Start with 30 seconds and then build up to 3 minutes.

Pushan Mudra

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The Sanskrit term “Pushan” refers to “one who nourishes”. Explaining its benefits, Gupta noted that Pushan mudra is highly beneficial for digestion. “It stimulates the functions of brain and removes nausea and vomiting, especially after a heavy meal. This mudra is called as the gesture of digestion.”

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Steps:*Right hand: Join the index and middle finger and touch them to the thumb.*Left hand: Join the ring and middle finger and touch them to the thumb.*Start with 30 seconds and then build up to 3 minutes.

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