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Watch: Tiger Shroff flaunts his toned body in gym

Fitness is addictive and Tiger Shroff‘s routine is proof. The Baaghi actor was recently seen flexing his muscles in the gym with trainer Rajendra Dhole. Dhole took to his Instagram to share a video with the caption, “God is being truly kind.”

As part of his challenging routine, Tiger can be seen doing a host of exercises including incline press.

But before we learn more about the exercise, here’s what his fans and followers commented. “Wow as usual amazing, fantastic one, and only one my fav tigu,” one wrote, while another commented, “Beast mode on”.

Here’s taking a closer look at Tiger‘s incline press routine and why you should incorporate it into your regime as well.

An incline bench press is a horizontal pressing exercise in which you use dumbbells or a barbell to press them away from your chest while sitting on a bench that’s angled so that your head and torso are parallel to the floor.

“From a seated position on a high incline bench, grasp the rod or lever of the machine in each hand and lift them to shoulder height with your palms facing forward. Keeping your scapula retracted and elbows tucked in, press the rod straight up and in until your arms are fully extended but not locked out. Squeeze at the peak contraction before lowering the rod slowly to the start position,” said fitness expert Garima Goyal.

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Why should you do incline press?

Targets the deltoid muscles – This exercise is a great way of improving and toning the anterior and medial heads of the deltoid muscle.

Upper chest muscles get active – This exercise also activates the muscles of the upper chest pectoralis major.

Good for triceps too – Triceps brachii is present on the back of your arm and straightens your elbow. It provides much power to lift the barbell in an inclined bench press.

Avoids shoulder discomfort – Performing bench presses at a certain angle reduces the shoulder discomfort that usually happens with a flat bench press, Goyal said.

Benefits depend upon the angle too – Bench press is a multi-joint exercise. Changing the bench angle changes the muscles activated and the force contributed by each. Raising the head end of the bench (incline) incorporates more shoulder muscles like the teres minor, infraspinatus, and subscapularis. However, these muscles are all supportive. The main power to lift the weight is provided by the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids, mentioned Goyal.

Improves endurance – Performing this exercise regularly raises the body’s endurance and doesn’t let you tire quickly.

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Fat loss – This is an ideal exercise for fat loss as it activates multiple muscles of the body and helps to burn more calories.

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Stronger bones – Exercising with weights makes the muscles and bones strong, thus making the body stronger.

Who can do incline press?

According to Goyal, beginners can do this exercise with some guidance and advanced gym goers can also do it by increasing the weights they can lift.

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