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The Culinary Saga: Celebrating the diverse taste of India

As Indians, we take pride in our nation’s colourful diversity. Amongst the manifoldness of diversity, Indiancuisines provide a symphony of flavours, spices and herbs which is an artistry of its own. In India, food is ofsupreme importance, and every region has a superfood or a popular sumptuous delicacy which narrates stories of erstwhile eras.

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We celebrate the uniqueness of Indian cuisine by honouring the gastronomic diversity of our country. ‘TheCulinary Saga’ is an immersive dining experience that presents the richness of flavours and goodness ofauthentic Indian food. The campaign commences on Aug 12, 2023, and concludes on Sept 12, 2023- thetimeline of the campaign endeavours to commemorate the 77th Independence Day, which is also a historicyear cause of India’s G20 Presidency.

The theme for G20 is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam’ which translates to ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’.The phrase holds immense importance in today’s multicultural world where embracing diversity andpracticing inclusivity are instrumental to basic human foundation.

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In the pursuit of presenting the diverse cuisine trail of India, ‘The Culinary Saga’ will take centre stage in allthe restaurants of Le Meridien New Delhi, with a dedicated menu that unveils the timeless symphony offlavours and aromas for your fine indulgence! The One will have designated buffets with emblematiccuisines of India for dinner, Eau de Monsoon will serve dinner options that are native to the states of India,Longitude will serve iconic local savouries as a complement to the beverages while Le Belvedere willcelebrate our cuisine of the eastern states.

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