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Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been journaling with ‘GAG’ method; know more

In the fast-paced whirlwind of modern life, finding a moment to pause and reflect can feel like a distant dream. Amidst the chaos, the art of journaling stands as a powerful tool, offering a sanctuary for introspection and personal growth. Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu believes that journaling is helpful and as such recommends that it is worth finding a gratitude journaling method that works.

Taking to her Instagram Stories recently, Samantha, who has been finding myositis and is currently on a break, said that she is following the GAG method — Goals, Affirmations, Gratitude method. “It’s worth finding a method of gratitude journaling that works for you,” said Samantha.

Taking a page from her diary, we decided to understand more about this type of journaling.

For the unversed, journaling is a brilliant tool that has been recommended by experts for years as a way to nurture and work towards maintaining good mental health. “There are numerous reasons behind that, primary of which are two – it allows a tangible form of release when they pen down their thoughts. This, in turn, helps to clear out their mind and gain clarity,” said Drisha Dey, consultant psychologist, Kolkata.

journal Here’s what to consider about journaling (Source: Pixabay)

Experts urge that once all the thoughts and feelings are penned down, one gains a figurative distance from them which allows them to look at and assess how credible the thoughts actually are and how best to deal with the associated feelings.

“The brain has a mechanism known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The primary function of the RAS is to direct what it brings to our focus. What we focus on expands. Therefore, when we actively focus on looking for things to be grateful about, on the goals that we want to achieve, and on the thoughts that we do want to internalise (this is how affirmations work), more of such things come into the foreground,” said Dey.

According to Dey, it is not a one-off activity, but with consistency, journaling using the components of GAG does wire our minds to look for the positive, to think more positively, and to focus on want we want out of life.

Let’s understand the components in detail with the help of Jaisleen Kaur, lifestyle coach, and image consultant, Dehradun.

Goal setting: Forging the path to achievement

Goal setting, in itself, becomes a way of self-motivation. “Setting goals is like charting a course for your dreams. By crafting SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound – individuals stay focused and increase self-esteem, using goals as tools to overcome procrastination, fear, and failure,” mentioned Kaur.

The purpose of goals is to enhance one’s life and provide meaningful direction. “One should remain adaptable and avoid giving up on goals, ensuring they strike the balance between challenge and feasibility, understanding that small victories pave the path to substantial triumphs,” said Kaur.

Kaur further stressed that when choosing a goal, it’s vital to link it with your talents, values, and aspirations. The selected goal should represent a significant personal accomplishment and require dedicated effort. If the question “How will you know when you achieve the goal?” cannot be answered, the goal is too vague. Research demonstrates that crafting short-term, realistic goals is particularly effective for individuals facing challenges, boosting confidence and avoiding failures.

Affirmations: Crafting a mindset of positivity and confidence

Affirmations form the core of a positive mindset, nurturing self-belief and self-worth. “Through journaling, they become a part of daily life. Writing authentic affirmations that resonate with one’s identity, strengths, and growth potential infuses thoughts with confidence, shaping reality to attract success and abundance,” said Kaur.

Choose powerful words and create affirmations using positive language like “I am confident and capable” strengthens which strengthens self-image, Kaur added. “Individuals can also visualise success, using clear mental pictures along with affirmations. Doing this adds emotional strength and makes them believe more in what they’re affirming. Daily affirmations deepen the effect on the subconscious mind. This consistency weaves a strong fabric of self-confidence and resilience,” Kaur said.

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However, instead of searching the internet for affirmations, craft your own powerful statements that truly reflect you, Kaur said.

samantha ruth prabhu Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares her favourite activity these days (Source: Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram Stories)

Gratitude: The key to cultivating joy and contentment

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Instead of listing general things to be thankful for, focus on specifics – those small moments, experiences, or relationships that bring joy. “Dedicate a few minutes daily to jot down gratitude, creating a grounding ritual that connects to the present. When challenges arise, using the gratitude journal helps to shift focus to the positives, building resilience and coping skills,” said Kaur.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to journaling, experimentation with various formats—bullet journaling, structured prompts, or free-form writing until one discovers a style that resonates deeply can help.

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