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Five kinds of drivers on Indian roads

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Every Indian commuter has witnessed one such character while driving or riding. Irrespective of the mode of travel, these people who drive or ride different vehicles comprise the traffic jams we see everyday. Here is a list of people you would see everyday on Indian roads:

1. The overcautious one

These people will get afraid and either manoeuvre to a side or panic brake when they, for example, see a car broken down even at a considerable distance. Be aware not to tailgate such people else you’ll end up running into them.

2. The lane hogger

No matter how much you try to overtake these people, they will make sure not just to take up space in a lane, but to partially cover the next one. Enough so that other road users can’t pass. And no matter how many times you ask for a little space, they will be oblivious to the outside world, lost in their own trance. Add to this the stare they give you while you finally overtake.

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3. The Weirdo

They’ll drive slow in the fast lane, they’ll drive reckless in the slow lane. These are the ones who would never get the basics of driving right. Let’s put it through to you – drive at the appropriate speed in the appropriate lane. Period.

4. The Noob

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If you think you have seen it all. Think again. There is another set of road users who can be witnessed. These people think they can drive like Michael Schumacher and probably someone will be waiting with a trophy at their destination. All they mostly witness is a fine and a cop standing for them at the next traffic light.

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5. The Foodie

Yes, there is one more unique category of people you would find being brilliant multi-taskers, apparently. While driving they have the capacity to eat their breakfast and are impatient to wait till the next traffic intersection for their next bite. Stay away from such people as they are the ones who usually end up losing control of their car.

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In order to negotiate such road users, you need the right car. Our pick is the Maruti Suzuki Alto that can weave through traffic with ease and you can easily manoeuvre past them. The ‘Lets Go’ nature of the Alto will find you zipping through crowded city roads or exploring India with utmost ease.

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