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No father should experience the fear I am facing! Please help me

Cancer, blood cancer, Reshikesh, Reshikesh cancer, blood cancer symptoms, cancer treatment, bengaluru, Reshikesh is suffering from one of the most dreadful diseases a child can suffer from. He has blood cancer.

Reshikesh. It is my son’s name. He is 6 and used to be cheerful and lively. I say ‘used to’ because whenever I try to talk to him now, he gets angry over the smallest of things. I, however, understand his anger. My baby is in constant pain nowadays. Being sick does that to you. And he is suffering from one of the most dreadful diseases a child can suffer from. He has blood cancer.

My name is Hariprasad. I live in Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru with my wife and two children. Until a few months ago, I was the sole breadwinner for my family. But I lost my job and now there’s absolutely no influx of money. My son often asks me “Pappa, I want to go to school and ride my cycle. When will I become better again?” I just don’t know how to answer him! After spending over Rs. 7 lakh on his tests, medicines, and chemotherapy sessions, I have nothing left to afford his treatment.

It has been four months now and I suffer every second of every day. I am sure my son is suffering way more than I am. This disease has devoured my family’s happiness. Ever since his diagnosis, he has been confined to hospital beds and our house cot. The doctors said that pulling children out of the painful clutches of cancer is relatively easy, provided you have the money to afford the right treatment. Reshikesh’s treatment will cost 12 Lakh rupees, which I can not afford. The solution is right in front of my eyes, but I am helpless. On the verge of losing my little child, I only have one option left. I am requesting kind strangers to donate any amount they can. Please click here and help save my son.

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It all started in July this year. Reshikesh complained of pain in his legs and joints. I pulled his leg, calling him an old woman, and he laughed with us. Little did we know, it was the start of a very difficult time for our family. Later that night, his body was burning with fever. When the fever did not subside even after taking medicines, we rushed him to a hospital. A few tests later, we found out that Reshikesh had B Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Everything changed after that day. Our lives have just revolved around tests, medicines and chemotherapy sessions. And now all we talk about is the way to arrange money, to get my son the treatment he needs. Your help in the form of donations can help us pay for it.

These 4 months have been the hardest on my son. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong with him. All he wants to know is when he’ll be able to go back to school and live a normal life again. It’s heartbreaking to see him sleeping with the hope of getting out of the hospital every night and waking up to painful syringes and excruciating chemotherapy sessions. Seeing him after chemotherapy sessions is very difficult – he becomes very weak and quiet. Often, I see him crying and that breaks my heart.Cancer has been draining, both emotionally and financially. We’ve spent over Rs. 7 lakhs already. For a poor family like ours, that’s the total amount we spend our lives on. To prepare myself for this unexpected diagnosis, I had to sell my wife’s jewelry and mortgage the house that we’re living in.

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The thought of losing my son terrifies me. I’ve been having sleepless nights thinking about how I will gather the money that’s required to save my son’s life. Chemotherapy sessions are keeping him alive right now. Each chemotherapy costs us Rs. 4,800 and we need at least 10 more of them. Stopping them could put my son’s life at risk. The hospital and medication charges add to my existing bills making it even more difficult for me to afford it. I’ve exhausted all my savings, I’m completely broke – please help me save my son’s life by donating to our fundraiser on Ketto.

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