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Parul University’s European Academic Expedition Spurs Global Collaborations, Including Prestigious Cambridge University

Against the backdrop of India’s expanding global influence, this Vadodara-based university has been actively contributing to the nation’s international educational footprint through its distinguished collaborative initiatives. Dr. Preeti Nair, the University’s Director of International Relations, led a comprehensive international expedition across Europe, fostering connections with institutions such as Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, and others, all dedicated to advancing higher education and fostering strategic relations.

The expedition’s objectives were multifaceted, encompassing the establishment of new partnerships, reinforcement of existing collaborations, and the creation of pathways for opportunities for Indian students abroad. Parul University remains steadfast in its commitment to internationalization, aiming to provide extensive academic exposure to both students and faculty. As a result of initiatives led by delegates like Dr. Nair, the university has expanded its collaborations to over 100 partners across Europe, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Japan, and Asia.

As part of these international endeavors, the Director of International Relations represented Parul University at a global education conference in the Netherlands. This conference provided a platform for engagement with officials from various countries, facilitating not only the strengthening of existing partnerships but also the exploration of new collaborations in territories not commonly associated with Indian universities.

During the expedition, Dr. Nair also visited Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, a longstanding partner, to fortify the partnership and explore opportunities for additional programs in Business Management, Social Work, and Architecture.


Parul University’s commitment to internationalization aligns with the national agenda for a global India, epitomizing the ideals of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” through the advancement of education. A significant highlight of the expedition was the visit to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, where discussions on potential collaborations and academic relations took place. These efforts underscore the university’s emphasis on quality in its global portfolio, contributing to India’s higher education initiatives.

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The expedition also included visits to Nottingham Trent University, Coventry University, and Solent University in the United Kingdom, as well as a journey to Poland to strengthen existing partnerships and explore new opportunities with Wrocław University of Science and Technology and Poznań University of Technology.

Dr. Preeti Nair emphasized the university’s vision of internationalization, ensuring inclusivity across disciplines and backgrounds. She stated, “As a university, our vision is to ensure the highest level of inclusivity, and we embark on such expeditions to provide a global experience for every student.” The university’s proactive approach involves developing active partnerships that translate into tangible academic opportunities for both students and faculty.

In conclusion, Dr. Devanshu Patel, the University’s President, highlighted the significant academic benefits derived from their internationalization policy, emphasizing collaborative learning, research, and innovation. He asserted, “Global expeditions are of vital importance in realizing our vision and agenda for taking India’s education to the world.”

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