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CBSE provides clarity via video conference about type of MCQs to be asked in Term 1 Class 10 & 12 Boards

CBSE released the Circular Acad – 88/2021 on September 29, 2021 to host webinars to explain Competency-based Questions for Science, Mathematics, Social Science and English in detail. The webinars turned out to be eye-popping and extremely informative for students and teachers as the CBSE experts discussed what to expect in the forthcoming Term 1 Exams. Never before has such clarity been given via video webinars to everyone on board exams. 

We attended these webinars and some really useful insights will follow below on what type of MCQs in Term 1 Boards will be asked and how to answer them. So, please read till the end to not miss out on such a critical update.

CBSE Circular Acad – 88/2021 inviting teachers to attend webinars on Competency-based Question Development

The panelists for every webinar covered how the questions are formed around the Competency-based Education System. CBSE made it very clear that to move away from rote learning and mugging up of concepts, Term 1 MCQ Board Exam will be heavily competency-driven in nature.


There is a myth amongst students and teachers that a competency question involves some sort of paragraph or case-study followed by MCQs, which is not true. In Class 10 Science (or Class 12 Science Stream Subjects), an MCQ was taken as an example (screenshot below) to explain how a Stand-alone technical process or diagram will be given to test the students’ analytical and critical thinking skills. This is referred to as testing of competency.

Festive offer Image-based MCQ to test high order skills of students as discussed in CBSE Science Webinar hosted on October 5th, 2021

This style of questions (MCQs) is scattered throughout the CBSE Sample Paper of Term 1 provided. There are a mixed type of simple (but process driven), image, table or situation-based high order skills-based MCQs given in the sample paper and the board paper will be heavily based on these competencies testing MCQs.

It is suggested that Educart Sample Paper Books for Class 10 and Class 12 on Term 1 are the only Books prepared in collaboration with CBSE experts, to actually include all these competency testing MCQs. Teachers and students should seriously consider these books only for accurate practice.


In the Mathematics webinar, the panelists discussed a lot about the parameters used to create different types of MCQs (diagram and case-based) for Term 1 Board exams. Like in the example given below, the students must be able to remember, think, analyse and apply their knowledge, hence, applying competencies.

Diagram-based MCQ to urge students to use competencies as discussed in CBSE Maths Webinar hosted on October 6th, 2021

This distinction of asking a Math question in MCQ style can be considered basic but a lot of teachers are getting the approach wrong in their pre-boards and unit tests. It is noted that most books in the market have also not closely studied the document provided by the British Council and Competency-based MCQ guidelines for CBSE Sample Paper.

Again, Educart Sample Paper Books for Class 10 and Class 12 Mathematics are 100% updated as per these seminar guidelines on what type of CBE (Competency-based Education) type MCQs will be asked.


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Lastly, we quickly reviewed the English webinar, just to give a flavor of the type of MCQs that are going to be asked. We picked the discussion about writing skills MCQ (screenshot below) to suggest MCQs based on the typical format, such as complimentary close, subject of letter, how a letter should begin, etc. WON’T be asked.

Writing Section MCQ to urge students to use competencies as discussed in CBSE English Webinar hosted on October 8th, 2021

Instead the process of arriving on an answer by creative thinking and connecting the logics would be tested. The same logic applies to Class 12 English Core MCQs for all the sections of reading and literature.

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For detailed practice, CBSE Educart latest Sample Paper books of Class 10 English and Class 12 English Core are uploaded as the most accurate resources to practice these types of upcoming MCQs for Term 1 board exams. We hope the article is useful. Please watch the webinar  (links given at the beginning) to get more information.

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