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MIT-WPU: Unlock a world of opportunities with industry-relevant, new-age post-graduate programmes

As India is aspiring to outdo its economic struggles, building novel technologies and innovating cutting-edge business models is imperative. To bring about this new order, we must prepare the future workforce to be up to the task. For the future industry to thrive, the foremost concern in the Indian education system should be bridging the industry-academia gap. Addressing the skilling crisis that has long plagued graduates moving into the industry and unleashing the possibilities for a disruptive, innovative cohort, the Pune-based education hub MIT-WPU brings a slew of cutting-edge post-graduate courses. 

Successful aspirants from the programmes will be equipped to take up emergent industry challenges with superlative technology-centered grooming. Also, the institution will emphasize developing real-time problem-solving ability and critical thinking, which are essential for future leaders. Furthermore, the programmes are specially curated to reflect the goal behind the institute’s fast-tracked implementation of the country’s latest education policy NEP 2020, which was revamped to unlock the potential of the youth and gear them towards the challenges of the future. 

The post-graduate programmes at MIT-WPU range from creative disciplines, including, Design, English, and media studies to technical subjects, such as computer science, physics, and biological and pharmaceutical sciences, along with courses on new-age industry-specific domains, such as Data Science. Given the extensive array of programmes, it is noted that Capitalizing on the first-rate opportunities delineated in NEP (New Education Policy)2020, MIT-WPU is geared to take a multidisciplinary approach. 

The multidisciplinary approach entails encouraging candidates to delve into cross-disciplinary projects or audit various credits from various programmes, tailoring for themselves a unique learning outcome. With a futuristic, customized curriculum comprising advanced core and elective courses, MIT-WPU’s four decades of legacy in the learning sector is set to create new landmarks. 

Given the rise of technical subjects, the need for mathematical and statistical knowledge has never been more imperative. Not only do the classical branches of natural sciences, such as physics and chemistry, depend heavily on mathematical sciences, but so do the new-age disciplines, such as off-shoots of computer science such as Data Science, Analytics etc. MIT-WPU’s M.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics are tailored to teach a keen interest in the students for this discipline and instill the ability to translate real-world problems into mathematical language.

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Further, expanding the ambit of applied sciences, the two university programmes, M.Sc. Physics Photonics and M.Sc. Industry. Polymer Chemistry has been explicitly crafted to inculcate research-oriented thinking in the candidates so that they can directly be involved in advanced R & D projects, pushing the industrial ambition of India. On the same note, considering India’s extraordinary stature in the global pharmaceutical sector, MIT-WPU has advanced courses such as M.Sc. Microbiology and M.Sc. Biotechnology, M. Pharm and PharmD, which propel the candidates towards pushing the frontiers of medical and biological sciences and contribute to society’s overall well-being. Moreover, towards high-quality public health, the master’s in public health is custom-made to streamline the challenges in the ever-growing medical domain.

In the wake of the new chapter of the Industrial Revolution, where automation, data-crunching and new concepts of computer studies will rule the industry, technical programmes, including M.Sc. Computer Science, MCA Science, M.Sc Data Science and Big Data Analytics, M.Sc. (Blockchain Technology) and MCA Management, MIT-WPU has shown the determination to ready students to thrive in the whirlpool of change that Industry 4,0 is unleashing with every passing day. MSc. Computer Science will prepare the candidates with a research-oriented approach and the ability to expand the fundamentals of the discipline. At the same time, both MCA programmes focus on applying computer studies and management skills required to succeed in the industry today. 

Similarly, the course on blockchain and Data Science represent the most cutting-edge aspect of the industry that is permeating our daily lives, right from rudimentary things such as the recommendation on OTT platforms for the next show to binge watch to the essentials such as trading. Other technical disciples offered by the institute include the M.Des and the M.Tech programmes, which are also loaded with cutting-edge modules required to prepare the candidates to be transformed into experts.

Much like the tech sphere, the social sphere of the country is undergoing dramatic changes, calling for the necessity of excellent social scientists who will show the way forwards. MIT-WPU has invested heavily in programmes such as MSc Economics and MA Political Leadership and Government (MPG) to bring about the next generation of social science giants who will unravel newer aspects of society. On a related note, given its keen understanding of the ongoing social changes, the University has curated special programmes tailored to contribute to tackling the rising mental health crisis worldwide via comprehensive programmes in psychology (M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and MA Psychology).

In terms of other programmes that can contribute to the social sphere directly are the LL.M degree programme, which is expert-delivered to sharpen the best legal minds in the country and the MA Media and Communication, which seeks to train professionals to hold a mirror to society, report the current events and set the narrative of the future by various media expressions. 

Also, to fuel innovation in the education sector, the M. Ed degree programme is poised to deliver landmark success. On the other hand, given the imminent environmental calamities we run the risk of facing, the holistic M.Sc. Environmental Science programme of the institution is set to groom the next crop of environmentalists who will onset a new chapter of the Green Revolution.

Further, keeping in mind the booming Indian economy, MIT-WPU has put in place the MBA programmes along with the M.Com degree. These programmes are tailored to instill keen business thinking, which is necessary for the world-leaders-to-be. 

Interestingly the scope of education at MIT-WPU is broader than technical subjects, with courses such as MA English and MSc. (Yoga and Meditation) and MFA (Applied Arts) with an Emphasis on Research. Such disciplines are deemed necessary by the University for the expression of the self and the creative outlet of both individual and collective.

In addition to the pedagogy imparted by foremost academics and industry leaders, candidates can develop their faculties with several live projects across the campus, get mentorship from experts or deviate themselves to learn a new skill, making the best of the sought-after resources shared by MIT-WPU.

What attracts talented candidates across the country and beyond to MIT-WPU is the unique scope to directly get an insider view of the sectors of the candidates’ choice. As a result, the University has signed several MoUs and entered into collaborations with organisations spanning several industries, such as IT, Engineering and Manufacturing, Automotive, Education, Design, HR, Consultancy and Entrepreneurship. Notable among industry collaborations and MOUS are the associations with renowned players such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tech Mahindra, Mercedes Benz India, Tata Technologies, Thermax Limited, Teito Oil and Gas, IBM India, Infosys, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, and KPIT Technologies, among others.

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Also, to provide the best-in-class international immersion to ignite a synergy of eclectic ideas in the candidates, strand the MOUs with several international universities such as Deakin University, Eastern Michigan University, John Hopkins University, University of Wisconsin, University of Texas, Nottingham Trent University, and the Central University (Beijing).

Additionally, candidates are launched into an enviable career roadmap and aided by the CIAP (Centre for Industria and Academia Partnerships), MIT-WPU’s placement cell. Attesting to the cell’s excellence, the institution has witnessed the highest packages secured at Rs. 44.14 LPA and Rs. 37.26 – the highest on-campus offer. Moreover, companies of note such as Amazon, Reliance, Volkswagen, Amdocs, Barclays, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and IBM, amongst others, have a regular footfall during the placement season.

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With 40 years of legacy, MIT-WPU has a strong alum network of over 100,000 individuals worldwide. Towards the pathway to excellence, the University has 150 undergraduate, post-graduate, diploma, and PhD programs taught in a sprawling 65-acre campus, studded with state-of-the-art amenities. Every year, over 8,000 students enrol across various courses offered by the University, which has 11+ schools and 30+ departments.

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