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Masaba Gupta’s post-Diwali no fuss ‘cleanse’ includes this type of fasting

We all are guilty of overindulging in Diwali sweets and savouries. However, instead of feeling guilty, the key is to plan the diet for the days ahead to balance those extra calories. Fashion designer Masaba Gupta also gave us a glimpse into her post-Diwali detox.

“No fancy post-Diwali cleanse or anything. Just 16 hours of intermittent fasting for a few days — some soaked nuts, lots of protein and lots of water. And movement,” said Masaba.

She added, “Please stay away from people who tell you to ‘chill and enjoy’ and not workout or be hard on yourself. Please be hard on yourself in this one department — a walk/workout never killed anyone. Eat what you want but move like you mean it.”

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Taking a cue, we decided to understand how intermittent fasting or IF, which includes eating only during a specific eating window and observing a strict fast in the non-eating window, helps post-festive indulgence.

Integrating intermittent fasting into festive detox plans can play a pivotal role in managing blood sugar levels, experts urge. “During periods of fasting, the body shifts from using glucose as its primary energy source to utilising stored fat. This metabolic switch can lead to better blood sugar control, reducing the risk of insulin resistance and associated health issues,” said clinical dietitian Garima Goyal.

Festive offermasaba gupta Masaba Gupta shared her post-festive detox mantra (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

Goyal further said that IF’s metabolic flexibility may assist in weight loss and maintenance, providing a strategic approach to managing body composition. “This occurs as the body focuses on repairing and eliminating waste when it is not actively engaged in digesting food. Incorporating intermittent fasting into a festive detox plan can thus enhance the body’s natural detoxification capabilities,” said Goyal.

Why have soaked nuts?

Soaking nuts is a practice rooted in enhancing digestive wellness. “Nuts, while being nutritional powerhouses, contain enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which can impede nutrient absorption and contribute to digestive discomfort. Soaking nuts in water activates enzymes that neutralise these inhibitors, potentially making the nutrients more bioavailable,” said Goyal.

According to Goyal, this process mimics the natural germination process, often referred to as sprouting, and may lead to improved digestion.

*Soaked nuts, with their improved nutrient profile and reduced anti-nutrients, may provide a source of anti-inflammatory compounds. Incorporating them into a festive detox plan could be a flavourful and health-conscious choice.

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*Soaked nuts, rich in fibre, antioxidants, and essential nutrients, contribute to overall liver health, a primary organ involved in detoxification.

*Soaked nuts, by their enhanced digestibility and nutrient content, can be a satisfying and nutritious snack. This can contribute to a sense of fullness, potentially reducing overall calorie intake.

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