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Transition from home to preschool: Expert-approved tips for a smooth start

Are you planning to enroll your child into preschool and are anxious how your child would adapt? Are you worried about how they will adjust to the new routine? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of kids suffer from separation anxiety upon transitioning from home to preschool.

For a smooth transition, there are parenting guidelines to help your child settle in preschool. So, we turned to an expert to help toddlers feel comfortable in this new environment and make preschool a holistic experience for the child.

According to Shikha Saxena, AVP-Academics & International Collaboration, Cambridge Montessori Pre-School and Daycare, the right age for children to start preschool is when they are capable of communicating their needs and listening to others.

“Children typically benefit from starting preschool between the ages of 3 and 4. Their verbal skills are more developed at this age, allowing for improved communication with teachers and peers. Some children start preschool as young as two, while others may benefit from waiting until they are close to four,” she said.

It is essential for parents to assess their child’s readiness, she said, adding that since each child is unique, flexibility in the scheduling of early education is important.

Besides this, Saxena said that the child should be toilet trained and be able to speak with an adult when they are in need to use the restroom.

Tips to get started

Transitioning from home to preschool can be a significant milestone for both children and parents.

The expert advises to visit the preschool with your child the day before their first day, as fear can be reduced by becoming more aware of the surroundings.

Additionally, training children with a daily routine, and encouraging them to complete tasks independently, such as dressing or tidying up, will help boost their confidence and allow them to adjust more easily.

More than that, parents must talk about the preschool positivitely in front of the child, and to develop excitement, can share interesting stories or readings. “Parents should encourage children in getting to know the teacher and developing a good relationship. This trust can help ease fear of separation from parents,” Saxena noted.

Celebrating small achievements at the preschool can help boost the child’s self-confidence.

Here are some do’s and don’ts shared by the expert to start your child’s preschool journey:

preschool A lot of kids suffer from separation anxiety upon transitioning from home to preschool. (Source: Freepik)


*Try to introduce the idea of preschool to your child before enrolling at any preschool.

*Set up a comforting drop-off routine, like a special goodbye hug or embrace.

*Maintain open communication with the preschool teacher. Share any concerns or special instructions regarding your child’s needs.

*Teach your child to make decisions to develop a sense of independence, such as choosing their own backpack or food.


*Avoid sudden goodbyes. Sneaking away when your child isn’t watching may heighten separation anxiety.

*Avoid overloading your child with extracurricular activities during preschool. They need time to adapt to the new routine.

*Don’t dismiss your child’s fears or concerns about preschool. Instead, acknowledge their feelings and provide reassurance.

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*Avoid comparing your child’s progress or behavior to that of other children.

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“Remember, each child is unique, so be patient and flexible in your approach to ensure a positive preschool experience,” she concluded.

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