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Ramachandra Boss and Co movie review: Nivin Pauly’s heist film disappoints due to its underwhelming screenplay

The Malayalam film industry can indeed create successful heist movies like Sapthamashree Thaskaraha, Varnyathil Aashanka, and Kohinoor, which align well with our surroundings. However, it’s important not to unfairly compare these films to the elaborate heist movies from Hollywood. Hence, if a filmmaker wishes to achieve a captivating experience similar to Ocean’s Eleven or Dhoom, a strong effort is required in crafting a coherent plot with seamless events that maintain suspense while upholding logical consistency. And, Haneef Adeni’s Ramachandra Boss and Co is the latest heist film in town that aims to achieve the extraordinary.

Starring Nivin Pauly in the titular role, the movie centres around a heist orchestrated by a person who goes by the name Ramachandra Boss. Based on specific inputs from an associate in Kerala, Boss handpicks a group of individuals and transports them to the UAE for the mission: stealing a highly valuable painting from the possession of the infamous millionaire Amar (Munish). The movie initially introduces the individuals who later become part of Ramachandra Boss and Co, along with their motivations for joining the mission. The rest of the story follows their endeavours to successfully complete the assigned task.

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Right from the beginning, the film conveys a sense of minimal substance, causing it to needlessly prolong scenes. Starting with Nivin Pauly’s introductory desert car stunt, to the interactions among team members before Boss’ appearance, the narrative unfolds in a never-ending manner.

Even though the film inserts jokes at these points to mitigate the sense of emptiness, they too grow wearisome over time, losing their appeal due to repetition without advancing the plot.

A significant source of ‘humour’ in the film revolves around Shailesh (Vinay Forrt), a member of Boss’ team, who repeatedly fails in his attempts to flirt with women. While this might initially generate laughter, it soon becomes monotonous, primarily due to the jokes’ poor quality and their overuse.

As the film unfolds, it rarely delivers standout moments that evoke any emotional response. The subpar writing is evident throughout, and aside from Siddique (Jaffar Idukki), no character truly resonates. Even with a clichéd backstory, Siddique stands out only due to Jaffar Idukki’s impressive performance. The film also suffers from contrived and purposeless dialogues, along with scenes that contribute little to the story.

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However, the movie’s most disappointing aspect, touted as a “pravasi heist”, is the lack of research and effort dedicated to crafting the heist and its execution. It’s quite astonishing that Haneef Adeni attempted a heist film without investing in a well-thought-out crime plot. Even with other elements falling short, the movie could have been salvaged had Haneef created a thrilling heist sequence. Yet, even without that, Ramachandra Boss and Co becomes an unending experience, stretching on for 148 minutes.

However, this film offers a much-needed respite for Nivin Pauly, who faced significant criticism for his extremely poor performance in the ‘comedy-drama’ Saturday Night. With Ramachandra Boss and Co, he once again displays his ability to exude charm, cuteness, and style. Unfortunately, his presence is soon overshadowed by the movie’s overall poor quality.

Although Vinay Forrt excels in his role, despite the character’s weak writing, it remains a mystery why Mamitha Baiju and Aarsha Chandini Baiju chose to work in the film where their characters lack meaningful moments or dialogues, leaving them only with limited screen time.

On the other hand, watching Ramachandra Boss and Co multiple times is necessary to ascertain whether the characterisation of the protagonist Amar or actor Munish’s execution of the role was more underwhelming.

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While Ramachandra Boss and Co serves as Haneef Adeni’s least impressive cinematic endeavour, it also illustrates how drastically a film can deviate from its intended course when the director lacks control over the project.

On the bright side, the only elements that steer viewers through the film without much harm include Vishnu Thandassery’s cinematography. With a good portion of the movie shot in the UAE, it capitalises on opportunities to present captivating visuals, a feat accomplished well by Vishnu. Meanwhile, Midhun Mukundan’s song is commendable, although its placement in the film might provoke facepalms. The background tracks make only a moderate impact.

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Santhosh Raman’s production design, Melwy J and Junaid Mohammed’s costume design, and Libin Mohanan’s makeup work also contribute positively to the film.

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Meanwhile, notable commendation goes to producers Listin Stephen and Nivin Pauly for preponing the movie’s release, strategically premiering it alongside two action-thrillers, King of Kotha and RDX. If Ramachandra Boss and Co had been the sole major release, it’s evident that the film would not have garnered any attention, let alone appreciation. Releasing the movie during the festive season in direct competition with two action-packed films is likely to draw audiences, given its lighter content that avoids intense violence.

In short, Ramachandra Boss and Co serves as a testament to how much a film can suffer due to subpar writing.

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Ramachandra Boss and Co movie cast: Nivin Pauly, Vinay Forrt, Jaffar Idukki, Mamitha Baiju, Aarsha Chandini BaijuRamachandra Boss and Co movie director: Haneef AdeniRamachandra Boss and Co movie rating: 1 star

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