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Ex-Mediacorp Actor Jerry Yeo Is Now A Scoot Pilot, It's His Dream Job Since Childhood

37-Year-Old Jerry Yeo Became A Pilot With Scoot In 2017

Singaporeans who watch local drama serials might wonder what happened to some actors who seemed to have vanished from our screens.

Now, at least we know what happened to one of them — Jerry Yeo (杨伟烈) has been a pilot with local airline Scoot for the past six years.

Source: Jerry Yeo on Facebook

Despite being out of the limelight for a while, his ex-colleagues and viewers still remember him.

Darren Lim’s pilot was Jerry Yeo

In an Instagram post last Saturday (12 Aug), actor Darren Lim shared that he was flying off to Nanjing.

But a routine flight ended up being quite special for him as it turned out he knew his pilot — ex-actor Jerry Yeo.

Darren Lim (left) and ex-actor Jerry Yeo. Source: Darren Lim on Instagram

Posing for a photo with him, Lim said that he was “so happy” to see his former colleague, and also happy to know that this time he wasn’t acting — he’s a pilot for real.

Source: Darren Lim on Instagram

Fellow actors recognise Jerry Yeo

Lim’s post was well-received, receiving 1,362 likes.

Among those who commented were fellow actors like Alaric Tay and Chen Xiuhuan, who recognised him immediately.

Source: Darren Lim on Instagram

Constance Song also recognised him, with a netizen further pointing out that Yeo acted as her “bad” son before in a drama.

Source: Darren Lim on Instagram

Viewers also remember him

Like that netizen, many others also proclaimed that they remembered him.

One recalled that he’d taken part in Mediacorp’s talent show Star Search.

Source: Darren Lim on Instagram

Yeo, in fact, joined Star Search in 2007 and ended up as first runner-up behind winner Andie Chen.

Source: sgmediaratings on YouTube

Another commenter remarked that Yeo seemed to be multi-talented as he could act and fly a plane.

Source: Darren Lim on Instagram

His most memorable role was a villain

Indeed, Yeo, 37, is probably so well-known because his acting career took off after Star Search.

After joining Mediacorp the year after, he acted in probably his most memorable role as Ye Rende in 2009’s “The Ultimatum” (双子星).

Source: RTS, SBC, TCS and Mediacorp artistes on Facebook

That was when he acted as Constance Song’s “bad” son, which got him nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Star Awards.

He eventually won the gong for Most Unforgettable Villain.

Source: NTUsg on YouTube

Other dramas he appeared in include 2010’s “Happy Family” (过好年) and “Unriddle” (最火搭档), 2011’s “A Tale of 2 Cities” (乐在双城) and 2013’s “Soup Of Life” (砂煲肉骨茶).

Jerry Yeo became a Scoot pilot in 2017

Unexpectedly, Yeo left Mediacorp and entered the Singapore Flying College in 2015, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He studied for a commercial pilot’s licence, graduating in 2016.

Source: Jerry Yeo on X

In 2017, he officially became a pilot, joining Scoot as a first officer.

Source: Jerry Yeo on X

Getting his dream job

According to Shin Min Daily News, Yeo had reportedly been aspiring to become a pilot since he was 13.

While many people may dream of reaching out for the skies, some don’t get to fulfil their dreams.

So kudos to him for taking the leap and finally doing it despite having a promising acting career.

Now instead of being a high-flyer at Mediacorp, he can literally fly sky-high in his ideal profession.

In February, Singaporean actress Ya Hui also decided to leave Mediacorp after 15 years.

We wish them all the best for their futures.

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Featured image adapted from Darren Lim on Instagram and NTUsg on YouTube.

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