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Nutritious Recipes To Curb Hidden Hunger: What Your Child Requires

horlicks‘Hidden hunger’ is a word that most of us might understand as general hunger, which may be hidden. However, this is not the case. ‘Hidden hunger’ is a term to denote a lack of micronutrients in the body, which many parents may not realise that their child is suffering from. This could sometimes mean that your child might have a full meal, but his/her quota of nutrition may not have been met.

Nowadays, this issue has been largely found in many children who lack essential micronutrients in their diet, thanks to our modern­day lifestyle and diet. Hidden hunger is a type of an undernutrition, in which our kids are deficient of most of the important vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, etc.

These nutrients are vital for the overall mental and physical development of a child. It is surprising to know that more than 2 billion people in the world are afflicted by this form of hunger, despite being able to afford nutritious foods.

The consequences of hidden hunger can be far reaching, as it causes a poor mental concentration, weak memory, weak body, weak immunity and, in severe cases, may even lead to death due to undernutrition.

As parents, we often don’t know the signs of hidden hunger. This results in keeping the child well fed but skipping out on nutrition.

How do we address these calorific deficiencies?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that we must feed our children with nutrient­rich foods. The modern­day foods are rich in calories; however, they are very low in their nutrient value.

Hence, it is our duty to address this issue.

Therefore, we, as parents, must know the difference between high­calorie foods and nutritious foods. High­calorie foods can only fill the tummy but not the body. You must give your kids a combination of high­calorie and high­nutritious foods that not only satisfy the tummy, but also supply the body with essential micronutrients.

Milk is said to be an excellent nutrient provider for your child, as it supplies most of the macronutrients and micro-nutrients that are required for your child’s growth. However, we face a lot of issue in feeding plain milk to our kids, as the taste of it does not appeal to many children.

Hence, to make this amazing food more nutritious, you can add a scoop of Horlicks to the milk, which not only makes the milk more tasty, but also provides a whole lot of micronutrients required by your child.

Here, we are sharing with you two such tasty and nutritious recipes that you can prepare for your child. Have a look at these recipes and help keep hidden hunger at bay.

Recipe 1: My Fair Lady

Recipe Category: Hot beverage (can also be served chilled if required)

This Horlicks milk drink is rich in nutrients and meets the nutritional needs of your child. It will not only make the milk tastier, but also make it healthier and nutritious. Your kid will love to drink this with coconut macaroons or grated coconut. The added coconut in the drink makes it more rich and thick like a smoothie.


Plain Horlicks: 27 grams

Coconut macaroons or grated coconut: 4 pieces

Hot milk: 200 ml

Sugar syrup: as per taste

Garnish with rose petals

Preparation time: 5­7 minutes

Meal period: Breakfast/elevenses/evening tea time

Method Of Preparation:

Mix 27 grams of Horlicks in 40 ml of cold milk.

Boil the remaining milk and add coconut macaroons or grated coconut.

Add the cold Horlicks milk to the hot coconut milk.

Serve in a glass with a coconut cookie.

Garnish with rose petals

Recipe 2: Big Breakfast

Recipe Category: Cold beverage

This cold Horlicks recipe is a nutritious summer­time smoothie that you can give to your kids instead of an ice cream. This Horlicks fruit smoothie is rich in important vitamins and minerals. It will take care of the hidden hunger and fill his/her tummy as well. This Horlicks recipe is also the best way to include fruits to your kid’s diet in a more healthy and tasty manner.


Plain Horlicks: 27 grams

Mango juice: 60 ml

Banana: Half­cut banana

Orange juice: 60 ml

Wheat bran: 10 grams

Sesame seeds: 5 grams

Honey: as per taste

Crushed ice

Preparation time: 5­7 minutes

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Meal period: Breakfast/low tea/high tea/full evening tea

Method Of Preparation:

Add honey and bran on to a plate and then immerse the upper edge of the hi­ball glass into it to make a rim.

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Next, mix all the ingredients along with crushed ice in a blender.

Blend it till it turns smooth.

Serve in a chilled glass.

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