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In the age of dual cameras, a phone that is changing the group selfie game

What is the point of clicking good pictures if we can’t show them to the world? Moreover, what is the point of even clicking pictures, if they don’t come out great? The statements might be true for some, but the fact that is true for everyone is that clicking photos, especially selfies, is fun.

The world of smartphone cameras has been evolving at an impressive pace, which has resulted in a boom in selfies across social sharing sites. We, the young adults, love clicking ourselves and expressing the best of us to the world, almost as much as we love innovation in technology.

Selfies have come a long way and their evolution has been ably aided by manufacturers like OPPO, who understand the needs of their consumers and deliver accordingly.

A selfie taken with the front-facing camera

Ever since its inception, OPPO has strived to introduce novelty in its handsets. The latest entrant in the family: The OPPO F3 is ingenious as well. It comes packed with two front-facing selfie cameras: “One for selfie, one for group selfie”. A 16 MP selfie camera for regular selfies and a wide-angle 8 MP group selfie camera for group selfies!

The wide angle group selfie camera gives a field-of-view twice larger than a normal front camera. It is equipped with a 6P lens, along with the optimization software to diminish image distortions. Clicking friends, family or colleagues is mighty convenient with F3 and the pictures turn out great. The phone maintains image quality with vivid depth and detail.

The wide-angle lens makes taking group selfies easy

The special built-in ‘Smart Facial Recognition’ notifies users to switch to ‘Group Selfie’ mode if there are more than three people in the frame. Users can easily snap their group selfies without compromising image stability when taking the picture with one hand.

And that is not all! OPPO has a lot more in store in the form of features like:

Selfie Panorama: Which quadruples the field-of-view of the wide-angle front camera and helps you seamlessly combine three photos into one, ensuring the whole party gets into the picture.

Screen Flash: Which automatically selects the appropriate brightness level for your surroundings.

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Palm Shutter: With which, if the user waves his/her hand in front of the camera, the F3 activates an automatic selfie countdown to help avoid any shakes caused by pressing the shutter button.

The smartphone sports a 13 MP rear camera with a 1/3-inch sensor, which is able to maximize light sensitivity, resulting in wonderful low light photography. The large pixels also work to increase the dynamic range which allows vivid depth and detail for capturing exceptionally clear and vibrant photos.

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So, the next time, no matter how large the group you’re with, fret not! OPPO is there for you. Go on, click and capture as many people as you can. The larger the group, the better. The F3 will take care of all your selfie woes!

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